Q: What Is Alpha Zone?

A: In action pistol shooting sports the A zone

or Alpha zone is the highest scoring portion

of the target.

Q: What brand of bullets do you use in your products?

A: These are just a few of the nationally recognized brands of bullets we currently use in our production, Hornady, Sierra and Winchester.

Q: What powders do you use in your products?

A: Our powders come from several different premium manufacturers including Hodgdon, Winchester and Vihtavuori to name a few.

Q: What is the difference between “Range Brass” and “Reprocessed Brass” when buying remanufactured ammunition?

A: “Range Brass”  may or may not be once fired brass.  Brass that has been fired and reloaded multiple times may have become fatigued and could expose the shooter to a potentially dangerous situation such as a case rupture.  “Reprocessed Brass” undergoes a multi step process to return it to like new condition that complies with SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute) specifications.  One of the steps in this process detects and removes brass that has flaws like fatigue from the finished lot prior to loading, thereby reducing the potential risk to the shooter.

Q: Does your remanufactured product line use “Range Brass” or “Reprocessed Brass”?

A: We DO NOT use “Range Brass” in our remanufactured product line.  We use only once fired military brass that has been completely reprocessed back to SAAMI specifications.