I test 50 rounds of the Alpha Zone Ammo 115 grain Jacketed Hollow-Point through a Smith and Wesson M&P9 and a Glock 19. The M&P is bone stock, and the Glock has a bunch of upgrades. The ammo ran very smooth and didn't have one failure. The ammo is being shot at One Leg Target Company AR500 targets. You can contact me if you would like any of this ammo or any of the steel targets. I am working on getting a shipping deal worked out at this time. As of right now, if you are in the Leesburg, FL area, stop by Family First and pick up some of this ammo! Thanks for watching and feel free to comment, I will answer any questions you have.

Alpha Zone Ammo ; Accurate, Dependable Ammunition you can count on!!  

Danny Clifton
Team Carver Custom


Here is a quick video and overview of a new ammo manufacturer in my area. We are working with them at Family First Guns and Gold in Leesburg, Fl to sell their ammo. This is high quality ammo meant for competition and target practice. Fifty rounds for $24.00 is a great price for a high quality ammo with cleaner powders. I will be doing some test shots with this in the near future. Thanks for watching.